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Friday Jan 7, 2011- Happy Three Kings day

Coming up:  Week after next a trip to British Columbia, invited by the music department of  Selkirk College in Nelson, Canada. I'll be doing clinics on Tuesday Jan 18, follwed by a performance with the faculty band that evening. This should be very intersting putting material together so quickly  -we propose to do  a mash up from my past with interpetations of tunes from  King Crimson, TU, Mr. Mister, plus some of our favorites from Todd Rudgren, Al Green and such. 

The following week , Jan 28, will be our 2nd show from Black Book Angel, featuring Chrysta Bell. This show will be at the Blanton Art Museum  and is a Gala Lumiere Event,  that showcases the work of the incredible talent: Robert Wilson
                     ...the Black Book is being written. 
Coming soon after that:  Stick Men in South America in March and then  Europe in April - dates coming soon.


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