My Buddies:

Touring Gear:

I can seldom take my kit anymore, instead we get backline kits,  I request my specifics in advance and bring as much as possible in my suitcases.

Sometimes i get a nice shiny DW kit:

Sometimes a friend loans me a kit, like this kit from Bill Rieflin.

This was for TU gig and is my basic set up for most gigs these days.

22 kick, 12 rack, 16 & 18 floor toms with legs. 20 or 22 ride, 18 & 20 signature crashes. I bring the smaller cymbals, sticks, perc and my electrics: on my left handsonic with a satellite pad on the bass drum, the spd sampler to my right has a satellite pad above the rack tom. rental mixer and stand for my laptop vary.


The kit below was for HoBoLeMa  west coast 2010 and i  used some of Terry's drums and one of his frames and used less and smaller cymbals while adding the Ekick pedals and a few pads into the TD20. This must have just before the new Korg  wave drum since i see it in the first rack tom position in the photo above.

This (below) is HoBoLeMa euro kit from DW PP in Holland that sounded great! I brought along my old Korg Tribe for these jams, you can also see the little korg nanos that makes laptoping so much easier while drumming.

a little easier to see from this overhead shot.

while i was up there i took a shot of the kit next to me too. . .  

In Poland i had this DW kit with vented snare and massive submixer


This shot is from a few years ago with KTU - One big floor tom, two hats, no cyms, spd/handsonic - and my old table from Y2Crim 2003, thats a boss sampling beat box (with live mic) into two KaoS pads in series. .  i could get some wild looping there but became to fragile and heavy to fly with.

Often when i record i use a small kit, and vary the set up to fit the music:

 Other times i need to build a big kit to cover all the parts for touring.