“It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the ones who adapt the best”   Charles Darwin









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And now, drum roll. . . . One of the greatest drum riders ever! From Iggy Pop drummer (GH?):

Please do not take the liberty of improvising or altering this list on our behalf
A SPARKLING DW DRUM KIT (not black please)

(If you can't get a DW, please tell me , and let me know what other kits are available. Just don't mention the "P" word)

consisting of the following drum sizes
1 x 24 inch BASS DRUM, or Kick Drum if you prefer to call it that. What's that in centimetres? 66, 69 possibly? If you have a girlfriend, now is the time to ask where you keep the tape measure. 
If you have a boyfriend, he's probably sitting on it. 
1 X 13 inch and 1 x 14 inch TOM-TOM, WITH MOUNTING. And if you can't bring the mounting to us, we'll have to send a bloke called Mohammed to the mounting. A stand mount would be fine, or a bass drum mount. Here endeth the sermon on the mount.
1 x 18 inch FLOOR TOM WITH LEGS. Not stand mounted. Can't stand stand mounted.
ALL OF THE ABOVE fitted with Remo Ambassador Clear heads, top and bottom Or muddled heads and a bottle of Alka Seltzer.

Ambassador Drumheads, NOT Emperor

1 X LUDWIG 6" X 14 inch METAL SNARE DRUM. preferably a Back Beauty (not the horse) but a brass or a Supraphonic will doComplete with newish ambassador heads, coated on the top, and unbent snares please. Call me old fashioned... 
r1 X DW 5000 BASS DRUM PEDAL. Double chain type. With a footplate. And a little blue plaque with "William Shakespeare slept here for six months* in 1586.shagging the arse off of Anne Hathaway."
(*Not the whole six months, obviously. I think they woke him at mealtimes.) 
1 X DW 6300 SNARE DRUM STAND, that goes up very high, and preferably with legs that can be flattened against the floor., for at least a count of three.
1 X HEAVY DUTY HI-HAT STAND. A two legger would be super. As long as it was designed to have only two.
2 X HEAVY DUTY BOOM STANDS. Just fill them with gunpowder, light a match, and they go BOOM!
2 X HEAVY DUYY STRAIGHT CYMBAL STANDS. But we are equal opportunity employers, so gay stands may apply also. (They won't get the fucking job, though...)
2 x15 inch HI-HAT ROCK CYMBALS that sound nice and are roughly the same size
2 x 18 inchCRASH CYMBALS
1 x 19 inch CRASH CYMBAL
1 X 20 inch CRASH CYMBAL
3 X HEAVY DUTY FLOOR MOUNTED FANS. I'm making a hovercraft in my spare time
All of the above drums on a 
That's a
 3m x 2m x 0.75m DRUM RISER/PLATFORM for those of you who live in the metric zone

Note to our American brethren: A metre is about 3 feet 3 inches. 
And 'metre' is 'meter' spelt correctly...

Oi Oi, that's yer lot.
Thank you.