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Taking off the Masque - Pat reveals the working titles behind the world wide hit P3 album.

These were my titles for the P3 masque cd work in progress, not to confuse you but tracks 1 & 8 listed here were not used for the final Masque cd, so if you remove them and shuffle the track numbers accordingly you will have my old working titles. For example Masque track #9 - I called  'Shredding Intruder" (based you might notice on the same loops from P4 'Projection' and an upcoming Crim tune called 'Frying Pan "). You might also notice my times don't jive because DGM cut some more little bits out. I'll never know why they put a space between 'ant tones and penguin' these two went together from the get go, even on stage. FYI - I mixed several other songs that are still unheard, like the full 'Seven Teas' which explains the missing part 1.


Optional cd titles-

R.T.P.  or  'Our TeePee'

“We Are One, in the land of 5 & 7"

  1.  Sxsw Fizz (4:33)

  2.  Poord  Avids (6:32)

  3.  Weeeping (4:30)

  4.  Corn Ear CacKt Us (6:23)

  5.  Five Forks (3:17)

  6.  Seven Teas   part.2 (6:40)

  7.  Waiting for T.Love,-Nash. (3:11)

  8.  Austin Mambo, man of Intrigue (1:55)

  9.  Weather Update (3:29)

10.  Seven Teas  part.3 (5:40)

11.  Shredding Intruderz (2:40)

12.  Ant Tones (9:04)

13.  Leave my Penguin Alone (8:10)

14.  Ex Change This (4:16)

15.  Sxsw Puddin (2:42)

plus-a hidden light surprise-

       5-16-99  -total  73:41