Traps and Buttons











Hi There,

        i’ve been making records for about 35 years, but never put one out     under my own name. never had that desire, and still don’t. i like to collaborate, to exchange energy with musical pals , to start with nothing and leave hrs later with something.

 Over the years  i've been blessed to get to play on some wonderful music, with some special  friends,  for earnest fans.  Almost everything i do, at least in my musical journeys, is basically research and development, a chance to explore and learn and take away something  that might be useful to apply later  - these recordings are no exception. 

To try and make this a bit more manageable  i separated this project into two themes: 'Traps' & 'Buttons'. 

Traps  (as in contraptions- the origins of the modern drum kit comes from drummers assembling many  percussive sound making devices into a contraption) and Buttons (my nod to all the drumming I do without using a real drum kit, like when  i make or manipulate sounds  into samples or loops, use a sequencer, software,  a beat box, or laptop to get the rhythms I hear in my head but might not be able to play). i've laid out these two discs with this in mind. .  one disc is more played and the other more programmed. .  but neither is completely one or the other. . art and life is seldom that simple,  it’s always a mix of colors and attitudes.  most of these tracks i edited down--how the hell else to get 40 tunes in two disc? (well maybe The Ramones could do it- but in my sprawling prog world its seldom possible). i am hoping you might like some of the music enough to go seek out the full versions.   my buddies devote their energies making music at a time when making a living as a musician is heading the medieval way,  of needing benefactors to finance, most the time these days the musician is the financier, but its fun - we make music - and  love sharing music . Often when folks stop by my house/studio,  i play bits and bobs  of what im working on and they ask questions and enjoy stories about the whats and whys ,    and thats what i've tried to do here , if you click the traps   and button links you'll  get to read some explanations that share a bit of the behind the scenes info on how  these songs came together.