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Just finished mixes for MPTU CD, sounds really good but will be even better after it mastered and shrink wraped for christmas.


Heading of to meet Markus in Estonia to do our first Tuner shows in over a year. We will open for new Toyah Wilcox and Bill Reflin project called 'the Humans".


heee haw- i got a feature here (something i did wirth my good pal Marco during summer NAMM) over at Vic's site.


We just did more KTU tracking last week and i have posted a few videos of the sessions over at my Myspace. I plan to be posting more videos over at Myspace, so please leave me a comment if and what you might like to see.


T Lev sent over a copy of his new Stick Man cd and that sucker rocks! Looks like we will be doing a part two early next year.


Virgo's delight.


A spring date has been set for the King to gently rev up.


Preparing some interesting patches for upcoming TU gigs (Seattle next week and Poland the first week of October). Trey and I will use these Tu rehearsals and shows to test some new ideas for KTU. KTU will be recording again second week of October when Kimmo comes to America.


Tuner will have its first live shows in over a year this October in Estonia, we will open for a Toyah Wilcox and Bill Rieflin project and have been asked to prepare something we can all play together. Oh Boy!

Then I jump over to Sweden to guest on a November Euro tour with the Flower Kings (man-o-man they have some long songs! up early and working on them now).


New release from Tony Levin, called 'Stickman', is just coming out to a warm reception, so warm that plans have started for a sequel . . 'Stickmen' . . this should come together early next year.


I have been busy with a new little project I've had in the works for the past few months, that you can taste here:



Modern Drummer magazine's new issue on 'Prog' has a blurp about my woodshed/workshop and has additional studio story here :


In this issue they also list their Top 50 all time prog recordings. . .and i was stunned to see they have the new Tuner CD 'Pole' on the list- fuck me! right up there with the real classics. High Five's to Markus and Fabio, and all our talented guest stars.