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South America and Europe dates, facebook shut me down

update- Selkirk fotos up.  Also added some King Crimson fotos from 2002 (includes John Paul Jones)

i was all excited to hit face book to collect and post photos from the SELKIRK College show a few nights ago in Nelson Canada. . but facebook has shut me down, no posting for me - ive been bad. .  seems i tried to reply to Mr Tower Records (one of the few replies ive ever tried!) and they marked me as a spammer. See when i was a young boy, growing up in Northern California, Tower was the place , the place i bought Weasels Ripped My Flesh, Close to the Edge, Shady Grove, A.W.A.T.S. and lots more. .  in fact we used to save $50-$100 and make the 2hr trip just to buy L.P.s, i believe the first Tower records was the one i went to in Sacramento. .  anyway good thing i didnt post my support for Tower's comeback as i later saw Treys response and am reminded that Tower lost ten of thousands of our CDs in their bankruptcy. shame shame.

Enough about the past. .  moving ahead: we have some preliminary dates for Stick Men touring, more coming soon:

with STICK MEN   South America Tour
Mar 10    Cordoba, AR / Teatro Libertador
Mar 11    Rosario, AR / Teatro El Circulo
Mar 12    Buenos Aires / Teatro ND Ateneo
Mar 15    Mendoza, AR / Teatro Plaza
Mar 16    Montevideo, UR / La Trastieda Club

with STICK MEN   Europe Tour
March 31    Rome / XRoads
April 1    Forli / Naima
April 2    Trofarello / Il Peocio
April 3    Lugagnano / Il Giardino
April 5    Nice / Cedac de Cimiez
April 7    Barcelona / Sala Bikini
April 8    Mallorca
April 9    Pisa / Borderline
April 12    Zurich / Exil
April 14    Bratislava / Muzeum Obchodu