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Rehearsals in Buenos Aires



Happy newest year.


Stayed busy throughout the holidays building tracks for a Tony Levin solo record, drumming with Phil Brown, cooking, cleaning and being Santa dad.


Markus is coming over in a couple weeks and we will finalize the details of our new Tuner record. BTW would you like to drum on a Tuner tune ? The crazy idea is: before we actually release our new record we post a drum less track for interested folks to add drums too, whatchathink? more info soon.


Some upcoming shows:



Will Taylor and Strings Attached team up with guitarist/songwriter Phil Brown, Nakia and Rodney Connell to present a one-night-only concert tribute to the songwriting and musical genius of Jimi Hendrix.

More info here:


and meet Phil here:


Then off to Finland for songwriting and a few shows with Kimmo Pohjonen and Trey Gunn:

Jan 29 Tavastia Helsinki, Finland

Jan 30 Klubi Tampere, Finland

Jan 31Lutakko Jyvaskyla, Finland


. . . also doing a few more casual thursday night gigs with Phil Brown and Natalie Zoe. 7-9 at Woody's in south austin.



i do remember one thing. . . . May 17th = Happy Birthday Bill Bruford!

and for all you satanic 666ers the biggie is comming. . .Tony Levin turns 60 on 6-6-06.


Been whizzing along pretty fast here in the new year.


Back tracking, after coming home from recording with (every drummers dream) Tony Levin I had the privilege of being joined in my home studio by the worlds most phenonmenal rollerskating brid-punching thereminist Pamelia Kurstin . Last year I met Pamelia in NYC while touring with the CGT and then months later I grabbed Pamilia off an Austin bandstand, when she came through town touring with Barbez, and we started my newest duo (tuo?), Tunisia. Yes I literally took her from the stage to my home after her gig and we recorded from about 3am till about 10 am when i returned her to the Barbez bus for there departure to the next gig, after that she moved to Europe and has recently come back to America for a few weeks. If you have not heard Barbez I can highly recommend them. Pamilia's 'sleep over session' was a good start but this past week we had 5 days together and got 6 more songs flushed out... We hope the Tunisia CD will be done by summer.

Here is a taste of our first collaboration, our untitled late night after show ditty.


A few days after Pamelia left Markus arrived for the second round of work for the next Tuner CD. Besides arriving with a suitcase (if you have been reading my site you might remember the Airlines have lost his luggage on every trip) Markus brought back incredible vocals he cut in Austria with Sirenee - its such a pleasure to edit, arrange and compose around her voice.

This Saturday Markus and I will join Laura Scarborough for a gentle gig at Café Mundi in Austin and then next weds Markus and I will do a master class at Austin Community College (don't tell the students but I’m a little nervous about doing music in an academic setting).


Also with help from Markus I launched a KTU myspace page where we hope to soon begin posting KTU videos. Check KTU here:


Just a quick note to let you know that there's a free download of an audience recording of an improvised Reuter/Kuljuntausta/Mastelotto show (Helsinki, Finland, April 2004) available at

 Petri, Markus, Pat during the show

This collaboration eventually led to the TUNER project that Markus and I launched in March 2005.


I spent last week-end at Saint-Claire Recorders, a stunning studio in Kentucky recording Ronan Chris Murphy record with Tony Levin and Mike Keneally.