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Markus & Renee, P.J. Olsson, TU shows with TOOL

Congratulations to Markus and Renee, may they live happily ever after.


Wrapping up tracks for P.J. Olsson.

P.J. has an interesting record deal, he is one of the new artist signed by CBS. They will place these new artists songs on CBS TV shows and as digital downloads and if any thing takes off they might press CDs.


Did a couple TU shows with TOOL last week, you can see pics and read about it here:


and here


Tunisia, Tuner, KTU

Pamelia Kurstin was in town for SXSW and once again I snatched her from the Barbez bus for another all-nighter recording more for our Tunisia project. In another strange case of synchronicity "A Night In Tunisia" was playing at the club we were at so we recorded a version of that: SXSW Night in Tunisia. Drums by Art Blakey RIP.

For more info on the amazing Pamelia check her new myspace page here:



Leaving for KTU gigs:


March 23, 2006

Planet Music, Vienna, Austria


Mar 24 2006

DOM, Ljubljana, Slovenia


More upcoming gigs:

TUNER with special guest SiRenée


Apr 6 2006

Platforma Club, St. Petersburg, Russia


Apr 7 2006

Golden Mask Festival, Moscow, Russia



And then Zeegrass gigs:


April 9 2006

Club Ogi, Moscow Russia


April 10

Club Ikra, Moscow Russia


April 12, 2006

Masterclass at LearnMusic in Moscow




April 14 & 15th 2006

Mamakabo Festival, Vologda, Russia


and filling in April 11 & 12th with Goeffrey Oryema in Moscow.



Trail of Dead, ZeeGrass, TUNER

More work with "The Trail of the Dead" , another epic tune from Conrad and the gang. For this tune Producer Mike McCarthy, assisted by Munyon, had me on another strange bastard kit... Not unlike the kit I was just recording with at home for ZeeGrass... except ZeeGrass is gentle rockabilly brushing while Trail is slamming like Questlove meets Bonham.


It also seems like all roads lead to Russia these days. Trail is heading there in couple weeks, followed by Zee, followed by Tuner (with special guest SiRenée). I'll certainly be doing the Tuner dates and possibly some ZeeGrass dates but can only lend moral support for the Trailers.


Check out my new myspace page for tour dates and other nuggets.


Been whizzing along pretty fast here in the new year.


Back tracking, after coming home from recording with (every drummers dream) Tony Levin I had the privilege of being joined in my home studio by the worlds most phenonmenal rollerskating brid-punching thereminist Pamelia Kurstin . Last year I met Pamelia in NYC while touring with the CGT and then months later I grabbed Pamilia off an Austin bandstand, when she came through town touring with Barbez, and we started my newest duo (tuo?), Tunisia. Yes I literally took her from the stage to my home after her gig and we recorded from about 3am till about 10 am when i returned her to the Barbez bus for there departure to the next gig, after that she moved to Europe and has recently come back to America for a few weeks. If you have not heard Barbez I can highly recommend them. Pamilia's 'sleep over session' was a good start but this past week we had 5 days together and got 6 more songs flushed out... We hope the Tunisia CD will be done by summer.

Here is a taste of our first collaboration, our untitled late night after show ditty.


A few days after Pamelia left Markus arrived for the second round of work for the next Tuner CD. Besides arriving with a suitcase (if you have been reading my site you might remember the Airlines have lost his luggage on every trip) Markus brought back incredible vocals he cut in Austria with Sirenee - its such a pleasure to edit, arrange and compose around her voice.

This Saturday Markus and I will join Laura Scarborough for a gentle gig at Café Mundi in Austin and then next weds Markus and I will do a master class at Austin Community College (don't tell the students but I’m a little nervous about doing music in an academic setting).


Also with help from Markus I launched a KTU myspace page where we hope to soon begin posting KTU videos. Check KTU here: