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jeeze its December already?

been very busy:

starting work with a wonderful guitarist Phil Brown , more E sessions for Gina Fant-Saez, did another record for Abra Moore a few weeks ago, did a gig with the Trey Gunn / Joe Mendelson Quodia project (no rehearsal but it took me a week to write cues and build a drum kit to play em. . .wish i had a foto), in mid November we had a Percussive Arts Society week here in Austin and saw old pals and got a major drum injection .. . yesterday I was a judge for the Paul Green school of rock battle of the Kid band and tomorrow I am involved in an E session panel discussion,

i started work on the the Metamorphous trio and Tuner sessions we did in Sweden. . . .but still need to get the Tunisia stuff mixed and hope to do that later this week or next . Had a couple good days working in the garden (but then the Deer came and ate most of my labors). made Thanksgiving day chow for a house full of friendly human guests.

Had Trey Gunn here in my studio for a couple days of song writing for KTU.. . looking like KTU will do a few gigs in North America this coming March, but as a trio (because Samuli has other gigs booked with MUM) so i have been preparing to cover his parts, KTU just booked a few Finlandish gigs in January to test the KTU trio water.


lots and lots to do. . . so it seems i'm always walking around a bit sleepy. . . . but in reality I must confess most my time has actualy been spent watching this damm video clip over and over (ahhh the days when men were men, in suits, and drums were drums)