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new tour dates



"...blistering licks and well-orchestrated bombast." - Jazz Times 

This quartet initially converged for a 2008 tour of Japan; at last, they've scheduled time to bring the show stateside.



Jan 2,3     Seattle / Triple Door
Jan 4       Portland / Aladdin Theater
Jan 6       Santa Cruz / Kuumbwa Jazz
Jan 8, 9, 10      Oakland / Yoshi's
Jan 12      Whittier, CA / Center Theater
Jan 13      San Diego / Brick By Brick



Jan 15  at Sabian LIve Part at NAMM in Anaheim



Jan 15 & 16 at NAMM Ampeg Show Room in Anaheim


Chrysta Bell  -Strange Darling
Jan 28- Secret gig, will update soon

with STICK MEN   South America Tour
March 2,3     Mexico / Lunario
March 5        Santiago, Chile / Teleton
March 7        Cordoba, Argentina / Voodoo Lounge
March 9        Montevideo, Uruguay / La Trastienda Club
March 11      Rosario, Argentina / Willie Dixon Blues Club
March 12      Buenos Aires / Teatro ND Ateneo
March 14      Caracas, Venezuela/ Teatro Santa Rosa del Lima


WITH  TU- TREY GUNN & P@ MASTELOTTO (special surprise guests)

APRIL 3RD    Kirkland Performing Arts Center, Seattle WASHINGTON.


Apr 6      Berlin / Quasimodo
Apr 7      Hamburg / Fabrik
Apr 8      Amsterdam / Paradiso
Apr 9      Zoetermeer / Boerderij
Apr 10      Münster / Jovel
Apr 11     Groningen / Oosterpoort
Apr 12     Limbourg / Salle Le Kursaal
Apr 13     Bonn / Harmonie
Apr 14     Ludwigshaven / KUZ Dashaus
Apr 15     Eindhoven / MC Frits Phillips
Apr 16     Karlsruhe / Tollhaus
Apr 17     Dornbirn / Das Haus Spielboden
Apr 18     Milano / Live Club
Apr 21     Vienna /
Apr 23     Prague / Lucerna Music Bar
April 22    Ostrava/Fabric
Apr 23     Prague / Lucerna Music Bar
Apr 24 Opole
Apr 25 Katowice / Mega Club


Just finished mixes for MPTU CD, sounds really good but will be even better after it mastered and shrink wraped for christmas.


Heading of to meet Markus in Estonia to do our first Tuner shows in over a year. We will open for new Toyah Wilcox and Bill Reflin project called 'the Humans".


heee haw- i got a feature here (something i did wirth my good pal Marco during summer NAMM) over at Vic's site.


We just did more KTU tracking last week and i have posted a few videos of the sessions over at my Myspace. I plan to be posting more videos over at Myspace, so please leave me a comment if and what you might like to see.


T Lev sent over a copy of his new Stick Man cd and that sucker rocks! Looks like we will be doing a part two early next year.


Literally too busy to keep up, and in many ways myspace has taken the lead as the web site news location, . . But last week we had a scare when the host of this site was hacked and we lost all data, that was a wake up call to remnind me how much information is here - guest book Q+A, all those tour fotos, the musical downloads, text, etc - Luckily a backup was found and this site is back (duh, obviously since your reading this here).


So what's new:

KTU gigs in Spain and Slovakia went great and you can read about it over at Trey's site. I came back and went right to Oklahoma for gigs with a newer project MPTU , then work on eSession recordings , and another Simone song with Markus (This one is a cover of classic and we first cut in June at around 125bpm, the new recut was started at 86bpm so it a real make over . . however along the way Markus discovered a relative tempo of 96.75 if put in 9/8. Wow pretty wild results and i look forward to hearing how its finaly mixed (BTW David Botrill will be handling the mix for Simone's record!) , and started MPTU recording (you can follow our work in progress over at the link). Had a good time at NAMM and got to hang with my pals from Vic Firth and Paiste and players like Bozzio ans Scot from RHH. Next month Trey and I will gig in Seattle along with Adrian Belew so that should be fun, also in Sept new Tony Levin CD Stick Man comes out, I did a lot of drumming for this during the last Christmas hollidays and think Tony is very happy with the results, and I love what I've seen of the artwork.

A found farewell to Tony Wilson. Just a few weeks ago, while traveling up the Andalusia mountains with KTU, i watched 24 hr Party People and was enjoying Tony's work.

Aug 10th

CGT is in town and should be out to my place to record a bit next week.

Big news is . . .Crim's Road Dog, Enginer , Bill Munyon "s getting married! We will be having the wedding here at my home next weekend.

So today besides house work and yard work i have to get fotos to renew my passport (looks like Poland in early October, then back to record KTU, then Estonia with Tuner, then back home for a few days before Italy in early November with MFB (another new project with Phil Brown and Lorenzo Feliciati).


NAMM Show in Austin, KTU dates

Wonderfull weekend.

NAMM show in Austin. Ran into many old pals includeing Joe Montineri, Adam and the M Audio gang, Eddie and the Paistes, Terry Bozzio, Donny Wynn, JJ Johnson . . .and also met several inspiration newies like Pat Foley, Geoff Emerick, and Rupert Neve. Even got some interesting inventions from new friends like Jim and Matt from Factory Metal Percussion, and Rusty and Scott makers of the Beatnik Rhythm analyzers. . . .and. . .got to take Deb, Roggie and Pamela Des Barres home from the movies.


Next up:


June 24

World Music Festival Aragonese Pirinese , Spain



June 26

Cool Jazz Festival Cascais, Portugal



Jul 27/28/29

FMM Festival Sines, Portugal


KTU dates and more

May 16th Happy to be Happy Birthday to Robert Fripp!

busy busy here carving tracks and preparing patches for summer gigs:



May 19 2006

FIMAV Festival Victoriaville Quebec, Canada


Cock Robin warm up show

May 27 2006

Coach House San Juan Capistrano, CA



Jun 2 2006

Nattjazz Festival Bergen, Norway

Jun 3 2006

Spot festival Arhus, Denmark


COCK ROBIN in Europe

Jun 14 2006 8:00P

Femina Bordeaux, France

Jun 16 2006 8:00P

Ninkasi Lyon, France

Jun 17 2006 8:00P

Casino Geneve, France

Jun 20 2006 8:00P

Theatre Sebastopol Lille, France

Jun 21 2006 8:00P

Bota Bruxelles, Belgium

Jun 24 2006 8:00P

Omnibus St Malo, France

Jun 27 2006 8:00P

Cafe de la Danse Paris

Jun 28 2006 8:00P

Cafe de la Danse Paris

Jun 29 2006 8:00P

Salle Edmond Desouches Luce (Chartres), France

July 1st 2006

Mets-Open Air (place du marche`), France


July 5th




July 14-16

Austin, Tx



June 24

Aragonese Pyrenees festival , Spain


Pat drum classes

Jul 27/28/29 2006

FMM Festival Sines, Portugal