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Mr. Mister time capsule, Chrysta Bell, Tuner and more...

Been home, off the road, for almost 6 weeks and hardly stopped to  unpacked. Had pro tools melt down that delayed me cutting tracks  on several really great projects. .like:  
A couple fantastic songs for Steven Wilson solo CD- Porcupine Tree plays multiple nights at Radio City this week so if your near NYC get down there.
My next live show is Turner to Monet:  with Chrysta Bell at the Blanton Museum of Art Oct 1st .I've worked with Chrysta a lot and to tie in with her David Lynch release she's developing an instalation project  - called Black Book Angel, rehearsals started today. Besides myself, film maker Dutch Rail and multiinstrumental superman David Garza (Jon BrionNickel CreekGrant Lee Phillips and Fiona Apple) will be on the gig.
Markus arrives next week and we will put the finishing touches on the next Tuner record  FACE, or rather half of it. Face was conceived as a Two Faced record. . but FACE 2 is running behind just like  everything else!
Also recording for  Naked Truth project  organized by  Lorenzo Feliciati , with Roy Powell and trumpet player Cuong Vu. We've spent the last year passing tapes and have something rather unique bubbling in the brewery.
Lots of road dates coming in: starting with  TU (Trey Gunn and I) visiting Russia again this November. .  will start to post those  dates soon as they confirm and get solid.
right now all i know are these three: 17 -Yekaterinburg, 18 - Chelyabinsk, 19 - Moscow.
And lastly bit of rather major news, at least in p@ world:  Mr Mister have arranged with Sony/BMG  to put out our last record, the never released PULL . . left in a time capsule since 1990 i think it represents our best work and we are delighted to finally get to see it released. I understand Sony is also repackaging our first three records and  presenting a brand  new greatest hits CD.