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King Crimson, CG3+, KTU, Stickmen, TU tour dates

Some upcoming gigs:

Jul 8 Plains of Abraham w/CG3+3 open for Primus Quebec City

Jul 12 Scène Bell des Plaines d’Abraham CG3+2/open for Yes Quebec City

Jul 25 FMM Festival w/KTU Sines, Portugal

Aug 2 Belcourt Theater w/King Crimson Nashville, Tennessee

Aug 3 Belcourt Theater w/King Crimson Nashville, Tennessee

Aug 6 PARK WEST/King Crimson Chicago, Illinois

Aug 7 PARK WEST w/King Crimson Chicago, Illinois

Aug 8 PARK WEST w/King Crimson Chicago, Illinois

Aug 11 KESWICK THEATER w/King Crimson PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania

Aug 12 KESWICK THEATER w/King Crimson PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania

Aug 14 NOKIA THEATER w/King Crimson NYC, New York

Aug 15 NOKIA THEATER w/King Crimson NYC, New York

Aug 16 NOKIA THEATER w/King Crimson NYC, New York

Aug 17 NOKIA THEATER w/King Crimson NYC, NY, New York

Aug 30 Town Square w/KTU Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan, Russia

Sep 2 TBA w/KTU Moscow, Russia

Sep 4 Tavastia, W/KTU Helsinki,Finland

Oct 10 TBC w/Tony Levin Stickmen Piekary, Poland

Oct 11 Academy of Music Katowice w/Stickmen Katowice, Poland

Oct 12 Opole Philharmonic w/Stickmen Opole, Poland


Nov 17'ish TU Puebla, Mexico

Nov 19'ish Tu Mexico City, Mexico

Nov 25 B.M.L. in Nagoya Japan . . .

Nov 29 B.M.L. in Tokyo (last Japan show).

Nov 31 B.M.L. . . . .

KC Summer Kits:






KTU news

Back from KTU warm up gigs in Finland. . .warm? . . WTF!?! it was 20 below. check the KTU myspace page for new photos. . .some taken outside by the sea bbbbrrrrrrr. We also did a few days song writing and added 5 new 'works in progress' to the shows in Finland. Some reviews are also posted at myspace, one of my favorites i had translated called us " the most psychodelic trio since L.S.D.. . .conjured up in a dream by a Siberian Witch on mushrooms ".


KTU, as a trio, will hit North America for a few shows in March. The first 3 shows will be part of a four Finlandish band Musex package that KTU will headline.

Beware we have decided to go on first to ease the logistics and all bands will only do 30 min sets. . .so don't be late. . or if you want to see a longer show come to Chicago or Mexico . . . Europe. . or invite us back.


Mar 7 Knitting Factory Los Angeles, California

Mar 9 Canadian Music Week Toronto, Ontario

Mar 12 Knitting Factory New York, New York

Mar TBA SXSW Austin, Texas

Mar 20 Drum Pad Presents @ Durty Nellie’s Chicago (Palatine), Illinois

Mar 22 Festival de México en el Centro Histórico Mexico City

Mar 23 Teatro de la Ciudad Mexico City

KTU Live Photos by Photo by Kalle Björklid /"


But first- about to start recording for a band called Mecca that will also have Joe Vana, Tommy Denander, Shannon Forrest, Steve Lukather, Steve Porcoro, Bobby Kimball, David Hungate and Tony levin on tracks (was T Lev in Toto too?).


Happy newest year.


Stayed busy throughout the holidays building tracks for a Tony Levin solo record, drumming with Phil Brown, cooking, cleaning and being Santa dad.


Markus is coming over in a couple weeks and we will finalize the details of our new Tuner record. BTW would you like to drum on a Tuner tune ? The crazy idea is: before we actually release our new record we post a drum less track for interested folks to add drums too, whatchathink? more info soon.


Some upcoming shows:



Will Taylor and Strings Attached team up with guitarist/songwriter Phil Brown, Nakia and Rodney Connell to present a one-night-only concert tribute to the songwriting and musical genius of Jimi Hendrix.

More info here:


and meet Phil here:


Then off to Finland for songwriting and a few shows with Kimmo Pohjonen and Trey Gunn:

Jan 29 Tavastia Helsinki, Finland

Jan 30 Klubi Tampere, Finland

Jan 31Lutakko Jyvaskyla, Finland


. . . also doing a few more casual thursday night gigs with Phil Brown and Natalie Zoe. 7-9 at Woody's in south austin.


jeeze its December already?

been very busy:

starting work with a wonderful guitarist Phil Brown , more E sessions for Gina Fant-Saez, did another record for Abra Moore a few weeks ago, did a gig with the Trey Gunn / Joe Mendelson Quodia project (no rehearsal but it took me a week to write cues and build a drum kit to play em. . .wish i had a foto), in mid November we had a Percussive Arts Society week here in Austin and saw old pals and got a major drum injection .. . yesterday I was a judge for the Paul Green school of rock battle of the Kid band and tomorrow I am involved in an E session panel discussion,

i started work on the the Metamorphous trio and Tuner sessions we did in Sweden. . . .but still need to get the Tunisia stuff mixed and hope to do that later this week or next . Had a couple good days working in the garden (but then the Deer came and ate most of my labors). made Thanksgiving day chow for a house full of friendly human guests.

Had Trey Gunn here in my studio for a couple days of song writing for KTU.. . looking like KTU will do a few gigs in North America this coming March, but as a trio (because Samuli has other gigs booked with MUM) so i have been preparing to cover his parts, KTU just booked a few Finlandish gigs in January to test the KTU trio water.


lots and lots to do. . . so it seems i'm always walking around a bit sleepy. . . . but in reality I must confess most my time has actualy been spent watching this damm video clip over and over (ahhh the days when men were men, in suits, and drums were drums)


Just a quick note to let you know that there's a free download of an audience recording of an improvised Reuter/Kuljuntausta/Mastelotto show (Helsinki, Finland, April 2004) available at

 Petri, Markus, Pat during the show

This collaboration eventually led to the TUNER project that Markus and I launched in March 2005.


I spent last week-end at Saint-Claire Recorders, a stunning studio in Kentucky recording Ronan Chris Murphy record with Tony Levin and Mike Keneally.