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South America and Europe dates, facebook shut me down

update- Selkirk fotos up.  Also added some King Crimson fotos from 2002 (includes John Paul Jones)

i was all excited to hit face book to collect and post photos from the SELKIRK College show a few nights ago in Nelson Canada. . but facebook has shut me down, no posting for me - ive been bad. .  seems i tried to reply to Mr Tower Records (one of the few replies ive ever tried!) and they marked me as a spammer. See when i was a young boy, growing up in Northern California, Tower was the place , the place i bought Weasels Ripped My Flesh, Close to the Edge, Shady Grove, A.W.A.T.S. and lots more. .  in fact we used to save $50-$100 and make the 2hr trip just to buy L.P.s, i believe the first Tower records was the one i went to in Sacramento. .  anyway good thing i didnt post my support for Tower's comeback as i later saw Treys response and am reminded that Tower lost ten of thousands of our CDs in their bankruptcy. shame shame.

Enough about the past. .  moving ahead: we have some preliminary dates for Stick Men touring, more coming soon:

with STICK MEN   South America Tour
Mar 10    Cordoba, AR / Teatro Libertador
Mar 11    Rosario, AR / Teatro El Circulo
Mar 12    Buenos Aires / Teatro ND Ateneo
Mar 15    Mendoza, AR / Teatro Plaza
Mar 16    Montevideo, UR / La Trastieda Club

with STICK MEN   Europe Tour
March 31    Rome / XRoads
April 1    Forli / Naima
April 2    Trofarello / Il Peocio
April 3    Lugagnano / Il Giardino
April 5    Nice / Cedac de Cimiez
April 7    Barcelona / Sala Bikini
April 8    Mallorca
April 9    Pisa / Borderline
April 12    Zurich / Exil
April 14    Bratislava / Muzeum Obchodu



tour dates

with STICK MEN   Europe SOUP Tour

June 25    Trofarello (Torino) IT / Il Peocio

une 27    Mogliano Veneto IT / ExProg Festival

June 29    Lisbon PT / Music Box

June 30    Terrassa (Barcelona) SP / Factoria de les Arts

July 2    Bilbao SP / Sala Rockstar

July 3    Warsaw POL / Warsaw Summer Jazz Days

July 15    Misinto (MI) - Festa della Birra di Misinto

July 16    Scandiano (RE) / Corallo

July 17    Afragola (Napoli) IT - Afraka Festival (free entrance)

July 22    Las Palmas de Gran Canaria SP / CICCA

July 23    Alatri (Frosinone) IT / Alatri in Blues Festival

July 25    Sestri Levante (GE)

July 27    Cecina (LI) / Villa la Cinquantina

July 28    Martirano Lombardo (CS) / Rock On Festival

July 29    L'Aquila / Blues Sotto le Stelle Order Now!
 I caught the Stick Men on tour at the Magic Bag in Ferndale, Michigan not knowing what they sounded like. I figured it would be Crimson-like, but was surprised that it was much more. Not only can these guys out-Crim the Crim(at least post-Vrooom), but they can really out-fusion the best of fusion bands; or at least stand tall next to them. Catch them live if you can. The good news is that the Stick Men capture all that energy from their live show on this _Soup_ disc. I rate this as good as the 3 albums King Crimson put out in the '80s. It's a mixture of Crimso-like rock on the opener _Soup_ but a little more funk thrown into the mixture with some oddball lyrics not unlike something from a Zappa or Max Webster album. _Hands_ is very technical, so much so that Tony Levin needs a break after performing it live. More time signatures in that one than a Gentle Giant jamfest at a GORGG gathering. Worth the price of this CD is the instant prog.classic _Sasquatch_(sounds nothing like the one by Camel which shares the same name, but quite memorable). Another highlight is _Scarlet Wheel_ with amazing vocals by Michael Bernier. Quality vocals a la Adrian Belew/John Wetton at their best. Can't recommend this CD enough. The best I've heard so far in 2010...and a real burner near the end with a version of Stravinsky's Firebird Suite. The Stick Men have been touring this material for quite a while. It shows as I rate this an instant prog.rock classic. A new album that actually sparked my interest to write a review. It's a great thing that the serious listener is about to discover a world class Chapman stick player in Michael Bernier. Of course, we've got Tony Levin on here(some of his best work in a band setting which might explain why he didn't put it under his own name). I also think this is some of Pat Mastelotto's best work on the drum kit. The best part about seeing this performed live is that the band is really enjoying themselves. Run to buy this one, folks! I'd give it a 4.5, but the man won't let me. So, 5 stars it is.


Stickmen in Mexico, Japan, Europe

We had a blast these last few weeks on North American run with Stick Men. Packing now for flight  tomorrow for wonderfull festival in Puebla, Mexico. Then home a few days to  repack for Japan.

home for a few days and then off to Japan for more stick men.

New Cd "SOUP" is out here




Jun 3     Fukuoka / Gate's 7
Jun 4      Kurashiki / Red Box
Jun 5      Yonago / Belier
Jun 6      Osaka / Janus
Jun 7      Nagoya / Bottom Line
Jun 9      Sendai / enn
Jun 10    Tokyo / STB139
Jun 11    Tokyo / STB139

with STICK MEN   Europe SOUP Tour
June 25    Trofarello (Torino) IT / Il Peocio
June 27    Mogliano Veneto IT / ExProg Festival
June 29    Lisbon PT / Music Box
June 30    Terrassa (Barcelona) SP / Factoria de les Arts
July 1    Madrid SP / Ritmo y Compas
July 2    Bilbao SP / Sala Rockstar
July 3    Warsaw POL / Warsaw Summer Jazz Days
July 17    Afrogola (Napoli) IT - Afraka Festival (free entrance)
July 22    Las Palmas de Gran Canaria SP / CICCA
July 23    Alatri (Frosinone) IT / Alatri in Blues Festival
July 29    Cecina
More to come, as the dates are confirmed.


new tour dates



"...blistering licks and well-orchestrated bombast." - Jazz Times 

This quartet initially converged for a 2008 tour of Japan; at last, they've scheduled time to bring the show stateside.



Jan 2,3     Seattle / Triple Door
Jan 4       Portland / Aladdin Theater
Jan 6       Santa Cruz / Kuumbwa Jazz
Jan 8, 9, 10      Oakland / Yoshi's
Jan 12      Whittier, CA / Center Theater
Jan 13      San Diego / Brick By Brick



Jan 15  at Sabian LIve Part at NAMM in Anaheim



Jan 15 & 16 at NAMM Ampeg Show Room in Anaheim


Chrysta Bell  -Strange Darling
Jan 28- Secret gig, will update soon

with STICK MEN   South America Tour
March 2,3     Mexico / Lunario
March 5        Santiago, Chile / Teleton
March 7        Cordoba, Argentina / Voodoo Lounge
March 9        Montevideo, Uruguay / La Trastienda Club
March 11      Rosario, Argentina / Willie Dixon Blues Club
March 12      Buenos Aires / Teatro ND Ateneo
March 14      Caracas, Venezuela/ Teatro Santa Rosa del Lima


WITH  TU- TREY GUNN & P@ MASTELOTTO (special surprise guests)

APRIL 3RD    Kirkland Performing Arts Center, Seattle WASHINGTON.


Apr 6      Berlin / Quasimodo
Apr 7      Hamburg / Fabrik
Apr 8      Amsterdam / Paradiso
Apr 9      Zoetermeer / Boerderij
Apr 10      Münster / Jovel
Apr 11     Groningen / Oosterpoort
Apr 12     Limbourg / Salle Le Kursaal
Apr 13     Bonn / Harmonie
Apr 14     Ludwigshaven / KUZ Dashaus
Apr 15     Eindhoven / MC Frits Phillips
Apr 16     Karlsruhe / Tollhaus
Apr 17     Dornbirn / Das Haus Spielboden
Apr 18     Milano / Live Club
Apr 21     Vienna /
Apr 23     Prague / Lucerna Music Bar
April 22    Ostrava/Fabric
Apr 23     Prague / Lucerna Music Bar
Apr 24 Opole
Apr 25 Katowice / Mega Club


TUNER live album, Dervish, Tour Dates

Coming soon is TUNER - ZWAR (Live In Europe 2005)!f


Just released was 'Dervish', which features me on drums on 4 tracks.


And don't forget these fine TUNER titles: TOTEM, POLE, MÜÜT. All albums available at DGMlive.


Tour dates:

With KTU

Oct 18  Klubi  Tempere, Finland

Oct 20 Tavastia, Helsinki,Finland

Oct 22 Rock Cafe Tallin, Estonia
Oct 24 Verkatehdas, Vanaja Concert Hall Hämeenlinna


With Stick Men
Nov 14  IB expo -Kulturhuet IB w/Stick Men Halmstad, Sweden

Nov 16 Fasching Clun, Stockholm, Sweden 

No  17 Malmo Jazz house, Malmo Sweden

Nov 18  Nefertiti Gothenberg, Sweden


Stick Men with Porcupine Tree

Nov 20  INCRIVEL ALMADENSE Lisbon, Portugal
Nov 21  TEATRO SA DA BANDEIRA  Porto, Portugal
Nov 22  LA RIVIERA  Madrid, Spain
Nov 23  SANT JORDI CLUB  Barcelona, Spain
Nov 27  Carl Benz Arena STUTTGART, Germany
Nov 28  TONHALLE  Munich, Germany
Nov 30 ROXHALL  Luxembourg
Dec 2  PALLADIUM Koln, Germany


Jan 2 2010 The Triple Door - 2 sets  Seattle, Wa., Washington
Jan 3 The Triple Door - 2 sets , Washington
Jan 4 Aladdin Theater - 1 set Portland, Oregon
Jan 6  Kuumbwa Jazz Center - 2 sets Santa Cruz, California
Jan 8-10th  Yoshi’s - Oakland, California      


Tu with Trey Gunn

April 4 Seattle Arts Center -Seattle, Washington

April 6-25 HoBoLeMa in EuRopeA