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Literally too busy to keep up, and in many ways myspace has taken the lead as the web site news location, . . But last week we had a scare when the host of this site was hacked and we lost all data, that was a wake up call to remnind me how much information is here - guest book Q+A, all those tour fotos, the musical downloads, text, etc - Luckily a backup was found and this site is back (duh, obviously since your reading this here).


So what's new:

KTU gigs in Spain and Slovakia went great and you can read about it over at Trey's site. I came back and went right to Oklahoma for gigs with a newer project MPTU , then work on eSession recordings , and another Simone song with Markus (This one is a cover of classic and we first cut in June at around 125bpm, the new recut was started at 86bpm so it a real make over . . however along the way Markus discovered a relative tempo of 96.75 if put in 9/8. Wow pretty wild results and i look forward to hearing how its finaly mixed (BTW David Botrill will be handling the mix for Simone's record!) , and started MPTU recording (you can follow our work in progress over at the link). Had a good time at NAMM and got to hang with my pals from Vic Firth and Paiste and players like Bozzio ans Scot from RHH. Next month Trey and I will gig in Seattle along with Adrian Belew so that should be fun, also in Sept new Tony Levin CD Stick Man comes out, I did a lot of drumming for this during the last Christmas hollidays and think Tony is very happy with the results, and I love what I've seen of the artwork.

A found farewell to Tony Wilson. Just a few weeks ago, while traveling up the Andalusia mountains with KTU, i watched 24 hr Party People and was enjoying Tony's work.

Aug 10th

CGT is in town and should be out to my place to record a bit next week.

Big news is . . .Crim's Road Dog, Enginer , Bill Munyon "s getting married! We will be having the wedding here at my home next weekend.

So today besides house work and yard work i have to get fotos to renew my passport (looks like Poland in early October, then back to record KTU, then Estonia with Tuner, then back home for a few days before Italy in early November with MFB (another new project with Phil Brown and Lorenzo Feliciati).