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TUNER interview, KTU concert reviews

The TUNER interview courtesy of is now online on my site. Check it out!

11/26/05 Update:

Organizing my first 'Black Tent' gig - Dec 1st at PINK in Austin,TX.

What is a 'Black Tent" gig ?= sonic improvisations in the dark.


11/28/05 Update:

more info on the Black Tent:

seat the audience, lock the door, turn off the lights (black)- music and sounds pop up . . .anything goes but i would prefer it sparse and low volume.

conceived in surround but we won't have a sound man (munyons doing Leno with smash mouth)- but we can utilize instruments that can walk. . .like sax, trumpet, tenor guit.


planned players include:

laura scarborough bringing vibes.

bruce salmon will slip in with a melodica.

gumby is bringing cello, bass & toys, and munky will have her bass clarinet and other reeds.

ephrim and a few other horn players might make it, tosca girls, t.o.d. boys, and zee have been invited.

my german pal markus will be there with warr guitar & laptop.

i will brings some drums (there are a few other drummer coming)- will put my electric's under a blanket to black the screens out.

Beer courtesy of PINK and Red Stripe.


8, 9 and 10 pm shows.

hoot honk squawk for 20 min and BAM the lights come back on.


Pink Hair Salon and Gallery, Austin

1204 So. Congress Avenue, SoCo , (512) 447-2888



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